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5 Reasons why PAC Apply offers the perfect solution for your student application needs

5 reasons to partner with PAC for student applications

5 Reasons why PAC Apply offers the perfect solution for your student application needs

The ideal admissions and applications platform for small to medium-sized colleges and universities that helps save time, money and resources.

Processing student applications can be a time consuming and complex business. At PAC, previously the pac apply dashboardPostgraduate Application Centre, we have over twenty years of experience doing just that; offering a user-friendly system for both applicants, and the staff members who assess these applications. PAC Apply is our new updated platform, a modular, cloud-based system which makes the process cleaner and even more efficient. If your higher education institution requires a form-based data gathering system or an applications and admissions platform, then PAC is your perfect business partner.

Cloud computing:

Cloud computing trends show year-over-year growth. More and more, companies are moving on to the cloud and it’s easy to see why. There are multiple advantages to such a move, the most beneficial being that administrative and admissions staff can access the platform remotely. This next-generation solution also enables students to experience a fast and smooth applications process that can be accessed from any device. The cloud removes the need for underlying administration costs and maintenance, cutting down on your colleges energy use not to mention paper waste and so on.

Data protection and adherence to GDPR guidelines is important to us at PAC and the cloud has proven to be as secure as traditional servers and security issues are becoming less of a concern to cloud users.

Third party integration:

Your organisation doesn’t need to start from scratch when deciding to partner with PAC. The PAC Apply platform runs a RESTful API designed to seamlessly integrate with any third-party student record system or financial software you may already have running.  We offer the flexibility to work around your already existing systems. 

Lowers administrative costs and saves you time:

PAC offers a dedicated and professional team to support the student applicants via phone or email, answering any and all of their queries. We provide this support so your team can be freed up while being assured that your users are being offered the highest level of support. Your team will have more time to devote to growing your institution and attracting new students.

Streamlined workflows designed to suit your organisation’s needs:

At PAC we understand that every education institution has different requirement when it comes to data gathering. No matter how complex your applications needs, we can streamline a workflow tailored specifically for your organisation, be it scholarship programmes or postgraduate courses. Our BPM solution (Business Process Management) allows for the design of multiple workflows to suit your needs. From the workflow design we generate a form using a ‘drop and drag’ system. You also have the option to personalise your interface experience – designing notifications and alerts for your specific process.

Total support for your team:

PAC offers full training on our platform through one to one sessions, video tutorials and a fully comprehensive and bespoke user guide. We help you install and set-up the platform, build your workflow and design your form. Out team provides in-person training before handing the system over to you, at various levels depending on your in-house IT skills. Our assistance doesn’t end there. PAC continues to offer support to your institution after you go live on our platform, ensuring that your applications processing continues to run smoothly.

PAC can help your education institution reach its full potential by taking the stress and work out of dealing with data gathering and applications processing.

Learn more about PAC Apply and request a call back to discuss your specified challenges and needs.

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