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What we do.


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PAC Apply is a cloud based applications platform. It runs on a workflow system that we design to meet your specific needs. Applications are moved through the system by users making checks when they are happy with what the applicant has provided. We create tailor made application forms based on your requirements.

No! The system is really user friendly and you don’t need to have a great deal of experience in IT. Our IT team will install the system for you and get you up and running. PAC Apply will provide you with after support to answer any questions you or your team may have. 


Yes! PAC Apply runs an API which means it can seamlessly integrate with, and run alongside, other third party student software.

Absolutely, we can create multiple bespoke forms. You can modify it later to further suit your course requirements using our drop and drag form form builder, even if the form is live!

Yes, you can assign multiple users to the PAC Apply platform who can be signed in at the same time. You users will all be notified via automated email if they work to do on an application. PAC Apply is built on a workflow system, so there is never a danger of work appearing on your desk that is not meant for you.


What can we do for you?

PAC project management

There are lots of benefits to using PAC Apply as your admissions platform. We can save you time and effort by streamlining your admissions process and supporting your applicants. We store everything on the cloud, meaning you can continue to work remotely while eliminating your paper trail. In our Covid-19 world, working remotely will continue to be the norm, it makes sense to move your admissions platform to the cloud.

Absolutely! It has been reported that colleges often lose students during the application process if it takes a long time or if they are required to send various documents via email or post. PAC Apply streamlines the process so that the application takes place on the one account and all documents can be uploaded in one go. We offer a feature that allows your applicants to book interviews with you, if that is part of your process, eliminating the need for you to email or call your applicant. Your school logo will be prominent on our student application site, increasing your brand awareness and footfall to your college website.

PAC Apply offers lots of extra features helping you further streamline your admissions process. Your applicants can book interviews with you, and we provide a payment portal so your students can pay deposits to secure their place on your course when accepting an offer via their PAC account. We offer a robust user management admin service, including a report generator so you can gather and collate information on your admissions. 


We’re here for you!


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Yes! We can train your administrators and assessors on the platform in house, or over a video call. We also provide a bespoke user manual. Our support team will provide continuing support to your users after the platform is up and running at your institution.


PAC Apply has a dedicated professional support team to answer any queries your applicants may have in a friendly and timely matter, freeing up your admissions team to get on with their work.

That’s no problem! We can restrict the kinds of access to the platform your users have. 

Agents can register accounts on our student site and make applications for their international students.

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