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Process online student applications with ease and speed

Software for Student Recruitment & Admissions


is designed to lower administration costs, increase applicant numbers and conversion rates, while delivering real-time insights and customised business intelligence reports.

  • Do you need to capture data through an online form?
  • Do you also need to process and analyse this data to form accurate projections?
  • Do you require an applications and admissions platform without having to invest in an expensive end-to-end student management system?

Then PAC Apply is the perfect solution for you!

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PAC Apply delivers a wide range of solutions. Get in touch today to find out more and book a personalised demo.

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Intuitive Workflow Designer

Quickly design an unlimited number of workflows to enable applications to flow smoothly according to your business processes.

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Simple Form

Create and edit online forms in real-time
with the intuitive “drag and drop” feature.

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User Interface

Customise your assessment screen, deliver decisions to the right people through triggers and alerts, programme automated notifications to the applicant.

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Seamless Integration

Easy integration with all third-party applications through our standard RESTful

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Reporting & Analysis

Use our advanced Microsoft Reporting Service
to effortlessly build accurate customisable reports to help grow your business.


Our intuitive Business Process Management (BPM) solution allows you to design an unlimited number of workflows. Having the right workflows enables applications to flow smoothly according to your specific business processes.

Our solution allows you to:

  • Seamlessly filter and allocate applications for review and assessment to the right team and departments within your company.
  • Send the applications for assessment to the most suited team based on some of the fields of your application.
  • Triggers different actions depending on your team analysis and decisions.
  • And finally, save the time wasted working on applications that shouldn’t have arrived on your desk!


Our advanced Microsoft Reporting Service allows you to effortlessly build accurate customisable dynamic reports that can help grow your business. It enables you to view your data in different formats such as lists, pie charts or in drilled down aggregate. You simply need to Click and zoom into each data-set to find exactly the one you need for your report. You can also refine your search further by adding filters for dates or types of content.

And finally export the report into any of Microsoft’s standard suite format, embed it into your PowerPoint, or even publish it as a PDF which is ready to deliver!


Every team has its own needs! That’s why PAC Apply allows you and your team to:

  • Fully customise your assessment screen
  • Organise your dashboard to display only the information that you need
  • Deliver quality decisions to the right people using intelligent triggers and alerts
  • Programme automated notifications to the applicant, decide if you prefer to work through email or through web access.
  • Set up a detailed action log to have the most accurate display of information for you!


The PAC Apply platform is entirely based on a restful API layer. Our API allows for seamless integration with all your necessary third-party applications which makes accessing data so much easier. All you need to do is; Keep your student registration system up to date, integrate the forms on your website, use the course related information as a reference while making your brochure and push new student data directly to your contractual and finance team, all in real time.

Modular Platform

Whether you need to:

  • Manage Agents and International Students
  • Handle Scholarships /Awards
  • Recruit new applicants through our CRM
  • Develop a full range of different Applications

We have the PERFECT SOLUTION JUST for you!

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Why Work With Us

By partnering with PAC to process your online student applications your institution will:

  • Automate your recruitment and admissions 
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Increase application numbers and conversion rates
  • Obtain real-time and comprehensive data analysis
  • Save time and resources
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