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Greening the Admissions Process


Greening the Admissions Process

We are all trying to reduce our carbon footprint and it is an important issue for your students. Did you know that switching to the cloud has a huge impact on your company’s carbon footprint? In fact, it is calculated that cloud computing is 93% more energy efficient and has 98% lower carbon emissions than on-site data centres (

Let us consider the paper trail a university application can create. A form that is 4-5 pages long, documents that the applicant needs to provide – transcripts, language competency forms etc; it can be approximated that one single application to a university can run to twenty pages. All this paper will, more than likely end up in your shredder. Moving to a cloud based system eliminates this paper trail, making your college greener and more efficient. PAC apply provides upload fields for all file types within our automated, customisable application form builder.

Universities, among other institutions, promise us a paperless future – so why should your admissions process involve reams of photocopied transcripts, ID and personal statements when all these documents can be stored on the cloud? If you need a hard copy, PAC Apply converts all the documents provided by your applicant into one Pdf file so there is no extraneous paper.

Book a demo with us today to discuss greening your admissions process.

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