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Managing Your Assessment Needs

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Managing Your Assessment Needs

Allow PAC to plan and manage the implementation of your assessment system.

Introducing a new admissions system, or realigning your current one is a daunting task. At PAC Apply we work with you from day one to ensure that your student applications platform is streamlined to meet your institution’s unique needs, procedures and objectives. We understand that different departments and courses have different requirements; PAC Apply simplifies even the most complex processes to ensure optimum efficacy. PAC provides you with a dedicated project manager to oversee the design and implementation of your new workflow and assessment process. Your dedicated project manager will support you throughout, from the initial needs assessment through to implementation and support.

Our aim is to improve your operations while making life easier for both the assessor and the applicant. The timeframe of the project can be sketched out in five steps.

  1. Needs Assessment: A needs assessment is crucial to identifying what your exact aim is and how PAC can meet that aim.
  2. Workflow design: Once we have ascertained your needs, your project manager will carefully design your assessment workflow.
  3. Training: You teams will receive full training on the PAC Apply platform along with custom made training videos and a fully comprehensible user guide.
  4. When you are happy with the design of your workflow, our expert team will open your user portal for applications.
  5. PAC Apply offers access to our JIRA helpdesk for all our clients so the relationship between you and your project manager will continue after implementation.

Whatever your application and assessment needs, PAC Apply offers the solutions. Book a demo with us today.

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